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1. Be quiet and relaxed
2. Combine the Will and the Chi
3. Establish solidity in the lower body and legs
4. Move slowly and cultivate Stability
5. Practice regularly with intent
6. Observe moderation in movement

To live in nature and abide by the laws of nature should be everyone’s goal in life. The main area that creates blockages in our bodies is the mind. We think and move through life with all its ups and downs, negatives and positives. Do we need to block our minds with confusion and useless clutter?

We need to change our internal dialogue to release old ills and heal our minds and bodies. Chi blockages affect our whole being, body, mind and spirit. It is now time to move forward and break free of our old habits of living in the past, criticizing others and being nosy and inquisitive which is not vital to our good health.

Other useless Chi blockage generators are poor lifestyle, poor diet and non activity. Take note of how you think and change these bad habits in order to make a change in your life for the better. Having a good daily exercise program like Tai Chi and Chi Kung is a good place to start, change your diet and eat more natural foods, fruits, veggies, nuts etc. Learn how to breath correctly, in a more natural rhythm and this will allow you to slow down, think before you leap and enjoy life’s journey, giving you the opportunity to smell the roses and watch and feel the grass grow feeling it underfoot, becoming in tune with ourselves and nature.

When we overwork the mind, we can affect our Chi condition by becoming emotional, anxious, depressed, and excited and this can lead to Chi blockages and ill health. By creating this turmoil of clutter and noise in our minds, we are taken away from our natural, peaceful inner nature and we become less sensitive and less in tune with what happens inside our bodies.

The highest principle of Chi Kung and Tai Chi is to be natural, follow the laws of nature and live a more healthier, happier, harmonious lifestyle.

In our classes the energy flow of movement is explained and felt. The ability to relax and feel the flow is an exciting aspect of Chi Kung and Tai Chi training.

Tension in the muscles and joints hinder the feeling of the energy flow. One must learn to relax and with continuous practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, the energy flow will be felt.

Our bodies have what is called muscle memory and blockages must be eliminated gradually. We do not have to tell our bodies to stress, the body automatically goes into stress mode out of habit and it is this habit that needs to be changed. A habit is hard to break.

Good posture, correct breathing and a positive attitude have to be learned. Our internal dialog has to alter before change can take place.

Attending Tai Chi Fitness classes regularly will be invaluable.

In a class firstly the students form lines behind the instructor with advanced students on the perimeters so that you can follow the instructor and the advanced students when the form turns in other directions.

One can learn from books or by watching DVDs but if you are in an area where an instructor is available then you should rather attend his/her classes as you will learn more accurately than from books or DVDs. You do need an experienced instructor to help you move along with confidence as the movements must be explained from the health and also martial art perspective.

Having an instructor also alleviates the stress and tension of learning from books and DVDs as this can be very frustrating.

Learning Tai Chi is like building a puzzle, movements are taught in sections and these movements should be practiced in class and at home and at every class you are given more pieces of the puzzle to practice until the whole puzzle has been completed and the entire form has been learned.

It is best to position yourself in a spot where you can have an advantage and can watch the instructor and the advanced students thus you can follow closely. Enjoy your Tai Chi.